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ENTRY REQUIREMENT: Ensure that you have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months after your intended departure date from Tanzania. Visas are required for visitors to Tanzania and they can be acquired upon arrival in Tanzania, Or you can apply online. Visas must be paid for in USD. Visa cost depends on nationality: American and Canadian: $100 USD Most other countries: $50

MONEY: The currency is the Tanzanian shilling, divided into 100 cents. The exchange rate of around US$1 = Tsh 2,270 is reasonably stable…

PHOTOGRAPHY: Wildlife photography will be very frustrating without a reasonably big lens, ideally 300mm or larger.

HEALTH: The main concern is malaria. All visitors should take prophylactic drugs. Visitors are advised to get the Yellow Fever vaccination before visiting Tanzania.

GETTING THERE: There are three international airports. Kilimanjaro International Airport(KIA) is used by most international airlines, and is convenient for business travelers or those exploring the northern safari circuit.

COMMUNICATION: Internet cafés are prolific in larger towns such as Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Arusha, Mwanza and Moshi, and browsing is faster and more affordable than in most African countries.

CRAFT SHOPPING: Popular items include Makonde carvings, Tingatinga paintings, batiks, musical instruments, wooden spoons, and various small soapstone and malachite carvings.

CRIME: Crime levels are relatively very low, though it’s wise not to walk around an unfamiliar town after dark – taxis are readily available.

PACKING: Carry at least one change of shirt and underwear for every day you will be on safari, as it can be tedious to organise laundry en route. Dusty conditions practically enforce a daily change of clothes, so it can be a good idea to set aside one or two shirts for evening use only.

FOOD & DRINK: On safari, all meals are usually taken at your lodge or camp, and standards range from adequate to excellent. Most lodges offer a daily set menu, so it’s advisable to specify in advance if you are vegetarian or have other specific dietary requirements.

ETIQUETTE: Formal greetings are taken seriously; even if you speak no Swahili it is polite to greet somebody with a smiling ‘jambo’ Mambo’ or ‘habari’ before you enter into conversation.

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